Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sartorialist This

fun on the platform

Friday night, David and Paul were kind enough to invite me with them to see William Kentridge's free (!) performance in Kyoto City. It was clever and refreshing, and I think the boys really enjoyed hearing a little bit of home in his South African accent. A little bit of Russian Absurdism never hurts, either. Afterwards, we tried to eat Indian and instead I got us lost, but that was ok because we discovered a nice little place upstairs from Cafe Independent.

The next morning, they got J-haircuts from one of the salons right down the street from my mansion.

They are the superstars of our fair city of Kameoka, aren't they? Afterwards we went second-hand store shopping and then had lunch at a little treasure of a restaurant called "Limone," where they serve apƩritifs and amazing vegetable curry in what looks to be a boiling hot mini-cauldron.

Whenever one of us comes across a photograph-worthy outfit, one of us will inevitably say, "Sartorialist this!". This, my friends, was a Sartorialist moment.

Paul: Wait, what about the red socks? David, get down on your haunches!
David: Like this?

Goofy fun was the thing that was had.


  1. I knew that was you yesterday. Sounds like you had a marvelous weekend. Final note, you are always sartorial. Always.

  2. Why, thank ye for the fine compliment, Laurel J. Sartorial is the thing that is best to be called any day.

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  4. I love it! i've read this before but the pics just struck my funnybone this time. the ones of the boys... your pic at the top is